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Atari 800

ClassicFact: The Atari 800 introduced in 1979 was Dave's first computer and featured cartridge-based games and software.  With the addition of a Percom external floppy drive, this "powerful" system cranked out homework, newsletters, and some Basic code!

Noteworthy: Sony introduced the Walkman for $200, VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet application, is credited for making the computer into a serious business tool (for Apple II, then Atari and IBM PC).  The first Comdex in Las Vegas was held, Ronald Reagan was elected President!
getting serious
ClassicFact: In 1981 the IBM PC was the beginning of widescale business adoption of the desktop pc. The IBM PCjr introduced in 1984 was Dave's second computer and on which his first commercial software programs, PASS and MicroLedger were written in Basic.

ClassicFact: The original Compaq Portable introduced in 1983 formally became the first computer used by Classic Micro Systems as a portable software demo system!

Fun Fact:  We still have our original, working Compaq Portable!


Noteworthy:  Lotus 123 is introduced in '82 along with Wordperfect 2, both become dominant players.  Intel introduces the 80286 cpu in 1982, Microsoft introduces MS Word for DOS in 1983, Apple's Mac came out in '84, and MS Windows 1.0 was released 1985.

Noteworthy:  In 1985 Compaq introduced the Deskpro 386 based on the new Intel 80386 procesor.  By 1986 Intel-based personal computers reach 50 percent of new sales!  Wordperfect surpases WordStar as the dominant word processor with version 4.

Classic Micro Systems was founded by Dave McCann who began by selling a vertical-market accounting system developed in R:base for court reporting agencies. Dave also provided freelance computer training services for several years through several computer training firms (CCT and ACT) in the Southern California area to such companies as Northrop, Disney, LACTC/MTA, Los Amigos Research and others.  Dave's focus was R:base Programming, Microsoft Word, and general MS-DOS training.
and so it begins
Novell Netware Partner!

Noteworthy:  Intel released the 80486 processor which doubled the performance of the 386.  Maxis released SimCity, a video game that helped launch a series of simulators.  This year also marked the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and Microsoft released the very first Office Suite.

ClassicFact:  As our vertical market software sales increased, we started selling desktop computers by Acer and Everex and later this year become Novell-authorized and started selling complete multi-user office solutions.  We released V2.0 of The Agency Manager, our court reporting accounting system.

ClassicFact:  Branded PC vendors offered poor support so we began to establish our white-box business first with AMI and later with AOpen components.  We began regularly attending Comdex and established partnerships with component suppliers so we could build and support our own systems.

One of our 1996 AOpen Systems

Noteworthy:  In 1993 Intel introduces the Pentium processor, Microsoft releases Windows NT; 1994 PC's become gaming machines with game titles hitting the market; 1995 Microsoft releases Windows 95 with the most publicized launch ever, featuring the Rolling Stones singing "Start Me Up" over images of the new Start button!

Noteworthy:  In 1997, Microsoft invests $150 million in Apple; 1998 Microsoft releases Windows 98 on June 25th; 1999 the term Wi-Fi becomes part of the computing language.

Intel IPD Partner

ClassicFact:  We became partners with Intel in 1997 as early members of the Intel Products Dealer program and Microsoft OEM system builder program.  Intel established standards, white-box desktop and servers become widely accepted.

ClassicFact:  Microrim, the makers of R:base (our database development system of choice) closes their doors and sells the product.  We stop new application development and focus on hardware and network sales and support.

Fun Fact:  In 1997 we started covering Comdex live with digital images posted to our website nightly!


Noteworthy:  In 1998, the dot-com boom was in full swing, Bill Clinton was President, the Lewinsky scandal emerged.


Noteworthy:  In 1998, the dot-com boom or internet bubble was in full swing. The year 2000 software "bug" scare came and went with a wimper!

The tech bubble officially burst on March 10, 2000 when the NASDAQ peaked at 5,132.52.

ClassicFact:  Microrim, the makers of R:base (our database development system of choice) closes their doors and sells the product.  We stop new application development and focus on hardware and network sales and support.

Fun Facts:  In 2002 got my first digital SLR, the Canon D60, attented PMA in Las Vegas, photographed a lot of equestrian events, in 2006 began selling Go-Peds!

ClassicFact:  We began experimenting with sales of whitebook notebook computers under the Verified By Intel design and we started selling Electric Go-Ped's under the website (primarily as a fun hobby).

Virtual IT is born!

ClassicFact:  We rejoin the R:base Developer's program and begin the long process of re-coding our Court Reporting software, The Agency Manager, using the latest R:base database products.  Virtual IT managed services are offered!

Noteworthy:  In 2001, Microsoft releases Windows XP on October 25th which will become the most popular desktop O/S ever.  In 2007, Apple introduces the iPhone.


Noteworthy:  In 2004 the housing bubble peaked, by 2007 it had burst and the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008.  In 2009, Microsoft introduces Windows 7, and in 2010 Apple introduces the iPad.

cloud services are offered 

Noteworthy:  In 2009, Microsoft introduces Windows 7, which becomes the top OS by 2011; 2010 the Apple iPad is introduced and is a big hit.  Too bad Mac OSX is still less than 10% market share.

Windows 7 Becomes Number One!

CMScloudbackup introduced

Noteworthy:  To my disbelief and despite increasing debt and a poor economy, Barak Obama was re-elected in 2012 and inaugurated for a second term.  Windows 8 is released.  Two duds in one year!


ClassicFact:  We begin offering cloud services in 2011, and CMScloudbackup in 2013 partnering with CloudberryLabs and Amazon, Office 365 and more cloud options to come.  We begin installing Hyper-V based virtual servers.

Noteworthy:  Microsoft announces Windows 10 will be shipping in July 2015 offering free upgrades for users of Windows 7 or above.   Many feel Windows will eventually become a subscription model like the successful Office 365.


ClassicFact:  2014 was strong year for hardware sales as users replaced aging Windows XP desktops and begin the migration away from Windows 2003 servers which are end of life in 2015.  Cloud and Virtual environments are beginning to get traction.


Noteworthy:  Crooked Hillary is defeated by Donald Trump in the Presidential race; twitter, social media and "collusion" are all the rage; the stock market has a tremendous run then correction.  Oh, and Windows 10 is finally beginning to get traction while Windows 7 is still commonplace.

ClassicFact:  2016 was our 30th official year in business!   It certainly has been mostly a fun ride and interesting to watch technology change over the years.  PC's that used to cost $3500 are now $800, tablets and smartphones arrived, peaked, and leveled or declined.  What will the next 10 years see?

Windows 10 Shipments overtake Windows 7

Noteworthy:  Shipments of Windows 10 have finally exceeded that of Windows 7 which was arguably the greatest and most reliable O/S in Microsoft history.  Many world issues such as N. Korea and Iran are confronted for developing nuclear weapons.  Will an EMP or solar flares eventual destroy our grid and electronics?  Big issues ahead.


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