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Web and Cloud Services

The term "Cloud" is thrown about everyday and everyday I get information from various sources saying you better offer Cloud or be using Cloud Services.   While more and more users and business embrace the idea, it has the potential to be very troublesome in the future -- as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said, there could be a lot of "horrible problems in the next five years" and we agree.  Moving slowly is the wise thing to do at this point.  We have embraced the cloud where it makes sense, for backup or hosting specific applications, but will point out where it is unrealistic for many clients.

Cloud Service Pros

  • Management and Upfront Costs shift to somebody else

  • Capital expenditures become Operating expenditures, helps balance sheet

  • Increases ability to work anywhere, from any device

  • Easily scaled to meet demand or deal with slack time

Cloud Service Cons

  • You now take on extra Monthly Costs

  • Greater reliance on working (and fast) internet connection

  • Performance is lower than a traditional environment (app dependent)

  • You're putting your data (and trust) in the hands of a 3rd party

  • If you change service providers, migration can be a problem

Besides traditional Web Services like Email and Website hosting, we have offered various Cloud Services directly and through partnerships with major vendors since 2011.  And while our core business is not focused on web or cloud services, we do offer an increasing number of cloud and web-related services to make us truly a one-stop shop.  And this takes away one of the most frustrating parts of dealing with multiple vendors -- the finger pointing when things don't work right!

Here is a partial list of those we provide:

  • Business web hosting and basic web-site design and maintenance

  • Email hosting and maintenance, POP, IMAP, Exchange

  • Domain name registration and maintenance

  • DNS record management

  • Backup Mail Service and MX record management

  • VITcloudbackup - our Cloud Backup Services using Amazon S3 storage
  • VITspamstopper - our Cloud Spam Filtering Service
  • Private Cloud Computing in partnership with GraphOn, Microsoft, and Amazon

  • Cloud-based Exchange Mail

Only when the scope of your project exceeds our expertise will we refer you to a specialist in that area.


Backup Mail Service

Spam Filtering Service

Business Web Package
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Business Cloud Backup
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AVG CloudCare
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Microsoft Office 365
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CMS Cloud Computing
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