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We focus primarily on reselling custom built-to-order desktops and servers based upon superior Intel processors and Intel or Asus or Gigabyte motherboards.  We also resell a variety of related hardware such as laptops, printers, monitors, firewalls, and the like from many major manufacturers.

Because our focus is value-added sales, we do not purchase large quantities of product and then try to sell that product.  Rather, our goal is to find the product that meets the needs of each customer and to be able to support that product from both a sales and technical standpoint.

Desktop Productivity!
Like a lot of our customers, you may have some older desktop PC's or servers in use that are still performing reasonably well.  Newer Core i3 and i5 mainstream PC's with super fast and reliable Intel SSD drives instead of older hard drive technology can really improve productivity as well as reduce your maintenance costs.  Now is a great time to upgrade while Windows 7, the preferred business desktop operating system, is still available!  Or if you're ready to go leading edge, Windows 10 will be available on systems beginning in August 2015 or you can get a free upgrade from Windows 7 (or 8) until July 28, 2016 -- one year after it ships.  And if you need to think outside the "box" take a look at the various form factors, from traditional, easy service desktops, to tiny pc's that take no space at all.

Laptops and Two-in-Ones!

Laptops have never been as thin and lightweight as they are now and coupled with the multitude of 2-in-1 devices that convert from laptop to tablet, you can have it all.  The new Intel Core M Processor enables the best performance and power savings demanded by today's mobile workforce.  And with new docking solutions coming to market, your next desktop might be a two-on-one or mobile device.

Don't Let Disaster force Server Upgrades!
If you're still relying on 4-5 year old server technology, you're on borrowed time with unsupported products just waiting for a failure to force an upgrade.  Windows Server migration is a complex task that is best done on your own timeline -- don't leave critical infrastructure until equipment failure occurs!  Replacement AFTER a failure can lead to weeks of downtime and lost productivity, and in the worst case scenario, can put you out of business if it comes at the wrong time!  With Windows Server 2003 support now ended, take a leap into the future with Windows 2012r2 and hyper-v virtualization to consolidate and run multiple servers on one piece of physical hardware.

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