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Retail Software

We resell many types of software - our early focus was on our own vertical-market software designed for the court reporting industry.  We also resell a variety of retail and OEM products including the following:

  • Office Productivity - Microsoft Office, Office 365, Corel Wordperfect Office.  We offer these in retail or OEM pre-loaded onto your computer.

  • Graphics and Imaging - featuring Adobe Photoshop, Corel Graphics, Picasa, etc.

  • Video and Audio - featuring Sony, Adobe, and others.

  • Antivirus and Antispyware - featuring AVG, Trend, Malwarebytes, and others.

  • Networking/Communications - featuring Microsoft Windows server, Alt-n mDaemon email products.

  • Backup/Utility - featuring products from Acronis, Macrium, Altaro and Hyperoo.

For individuals or small businesses on a budget, we also recommend many open-source products where appropriate.  There are many good software applications provided as free open-source or as low-cost alternatives from smaller vendors and we will often highlight some of these here.   

With many large vendors moving to subscription model, retail purchases are becoming a thing of the past (for good or bad).

Spotlight Products

Screen Capture Utility

TechSmith SnagIt

Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird

Free PDF Creation


CutePDF (also Pro)

Free Photo Editing

Google Picasa

CD/DVD Burning

CD XP Burner

Custom Software

Since the early 1980's we've developed a number of commercially available software applications, including small system menu utilities, RemindMe reminder, MicroLedger accounting, The Agency Manager Court Reporting Accounting and DepoVault archiving system.  We've also done custom database development for hire.

  • The Agency Manager Pro - Our Billing and Commission software for the Court Reporting Industry originally developed in the early 1980's (the original is still in use by some firms) and updated and released as a Windows product in 2013.   Now available (single-user or multi-user) for purchase with an official release on July 1, 2013!  Features Billing and Commissions plus enhanced Job Tracking, integrated DepoVault (archiving of jobs, worksheets, and related files), and an optional Calendar add-on (estimated late Q4-2015 or early 2016).

  • DepoVault - Our Deposition Archiving software for Court Reporting Industry developed in the early 1990's and still in use by some Agencies.  The feature-set is incorporated into our Agency Manager Pro and no longer for sale as a standalone product.

The DOS versions of these applications are still supported but no longer being sold, however, if you are looking for upcoming product information or support for your existing software please contact us.  Note that support of our legacy software requires an active support plan, and while only officially supported up through Windows XP, they may be run in Windows Vista or Windows 7 in various ways.

The Agency Manager Pro

Court Reporting Accounting
Billing & Commission
Job Tracking
Calendar (add-on)

Available in single or multi-user

Available to purchase or perpetual rental (service)

The Agency Manager Pro

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